COVID-19 Pandemic: Health is Wealth- beyond Personal Health

Newsbharati blog    20-Apr-2020
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In current situation because of Novel Corona-COVID-19 pandemic, I think the entire word can be categorised into just two categories-Healthy (unaffected) and unhealthy (affected). Irrespective of continent, country, region, religion, caste, gender, People are either are in healthy or in unhealthy category in perspective of COVID-19 influence.
Dynamics of Intra-country relations/dependencies, world /country economies, investment priorities are going to change. I think there will be terms coined as Pre-Corona era and Post-Corona era. Some experts are predicting that current pandemic will prevail for another 1.5 to 2 years. With WHO, all country authorities, scientists, hospitals, medical labs, doctors & nurses , army, police, economists, banks, volunteers and many others are putting their efforts, I am sure , we all come out of current crisis successfully. This Corona crisis has proved that health is the most important wealth everyone must have as compared to any other possession. 
Now let us think of Post-Corona era and look at influences on Health of following key industry sectors and solutions for it.
key industry sectors and
1. Healthcare and Life sciences industry sector 
This along with the scientist community and medical laboratories will play most critical role in developing short term and long term effective vaccines and medicines for Corona pandemic successfully. New services such as check-from-home by Doctors will be in place for remote diagnostics of patients.
2. Manufacturing, Logistics and Transportation industry sector 
This will have to restart with more robotic/automated operations, which will help workers to work by maintaining social distancing within the plant. This will be important, as plants will increase production gradually considering demand and supply situation. Each business function of manufacturing will have to implements solutions such as 
a. Remote collaboration of design teams to come up with new models of vehicles/equipment, machines.
b. Remote monitoring of plant production, quality and maintenance activities with digital alarms
c. Inbound and Outbound supply chain-contact less tracking of materials, products and real time prediction as per demand, logistics route optimization to avoid shortages
d. Remote digital training and instructions to physically separated workers/staff, as some of them will be new to the work mode and technology and will work in different shifts
e. Similar remote monitoring and assistance solutions for the Sales staff and Service technicians such as Virtual assistant, Chatbot, 3D printing-production of spare parts locally in isolated areas. 
3. Banking, Finance and Insurance sector
The Government is preparing and has even designed various types of support systems and extending the same, like funding for refinancing support to increase liquidity for Non-bank financial companies and Micro-finance for companies and guarantees of new loans, tax incentives or deferrals. 
Customized Insurance plans are now re-defined based on use/health of vehicles, devices, service history. 
4. Entertainment, Media and Telecom sector 
This sector has is already started leveraging Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms for streaming media services to viewers through internet. This sector will have maximum benefits, as use of entertainment content, gaming, social media usage and audio/video conferencing is rapidly increasing. People are enjoying these services wherein social distancing is maintained inevitably. 
5. Defence and Public sectors 
The very important sector will play vital role in maintaining overall security including boarder security and enhancement of infrastructure such as approach roads, water and electric supply etc. Infrastructure within cities to maintain social distancing will be emphasized upon. Surveillance by Drones is very good solution for this sector, which has already been developed and under growing use.

COVID19 Recovery Grpagh _ 
Finally, I would like suggest important point of maintaining Digital Health Card of each citizen, which will have entire history of citizen-Physical, Financial and Social health. 
Current various identification/tracking systems followed in various countries can be integrated in this Digital Health Card, - Aadhaar card, PAN card, and Ration card etc. for India. This is on similar lines that of entire vehicle service history is maintained by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in the USA. Similarly, In India, this data and record is maintained by the Vehicle registration number. Another very example is how our family doctor maintains the history of entire family. This is very important because
“ जान है, तो जहान है ! “
For implementing all of these solutions, a very critical layer will be of Information/Data security, which will maintain confidentiality of this sensitive information. This is important because currently most of the databases are maintained on either private or public Cloud Infrastructure. 
To conclude we will have to take the Globalization (Global and Local) approach. Global approach to balance supply and demand across the globe on the macro level and local approach to boost economy of the individual country at the micro-economic level.

Atul Rangole   
 Atul Rangole
Principal Consultant-Manufacturing and IT Industry
Atul Rangole has done B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Govt. College of Engineering-Pune (COEP) and EGMP from Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore, India. 
With 28 years of experience in Automotive, Manufacturing and IT Industry across manufacturing value chain under his sleeve, he comes with expertise in Business domain consulting in Materials management, Supply chain management, Business requirement elicitation, Pre-sales support and Domain knowledge management. 
He currently works with Global leading digital transformation services, a consulting company, and based is in Pune, India. He is a passionate writer of slogans, taglines and Blogs in multiple languiages along with being an ardent lover of music.