Success Quadrant- 2, in the COVID19 lockdown times

Newsbharati blog    21-Apr-2020
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All possible strategies designed by the stakeholders, leaders or implementers in an MSME or an MNC, is keeping a customer and their satisfaction in mind. Whether it is an aggressive growth pattern, retention of business of mining an account; REVENUE and EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY is always on mind. This brings me to a very famous dialogue between a CFO and his CEO 
‘CFO – What if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?
CEO – What happens if we don’t and they stay?’
Now let me put you in a dilemma again; What if the CFO said yes to the investment in people? Was it the climax statement that they trained their employees happily and always ever-after? The employees learnt everything that was taught to them and became the best versions of themselves? Every organization became successful and rich?
……2 minutes of silence? Wondering and imagining the resultant scenario? 
Let us look at the 2nd Quadrant again.
2. Re-Engage

The organizations need to decide on strategies
that will make them a great place to work
and ensuring that they sustain the
aggressive strategies that lie ahead
If we look at the legacy way of functioning; the strategies are driven from the top and implemented across levels. They are percolated at every functional level, minimal to us as MSMEs; and are expected to be understood and delivered with complete ownership and maturity. On failure; and Entrepreneur if often exposed to blame games and is dragged to Ground Zero again – Resolve.
I am sure by now you know how much everyone in your family eats and how strategically do we have to plan the food supply of our household to survive. Optimum utility of resources, Supply Chain Management, Planning and Prioritization etc. which are the elements of a very high-flying strategy have become household names and are being carried out effortlessly by the unexpected. COVID-19 has shown us how uncontrollable can the circumstances get and how strategizing will help us survive. It has also thrown a very important Element of Strategy in front of us as well – COLLABORATION and that is exactly why I call this quadrant, IMMORTAL. This aspect/competency makes Success repetitive.
It is imperative to understand that any Strategy/Plan/Goal is executed by the employees of your organization. 
If they are not satisfied with the culture of the organization or you as an MSME are not happy with their performance; you both are making repetitive wrong choices and wasting time. 
Everyone today is looking at stability from Individual as well as the Organizational side. Let us see what are these major reasons of attrition are in an MSME: 

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It all boils down to the CULTURE OF THE ORGANIZATION. Though we call all our employees’ family; are we neglecting the Lack of Ownership or Dissent that has been created. I am sure all of you have slept over these thoughts a lot of times. It is very common for us as MSMEs to be dealing with issues and then leaving the issue mid-way to address another.
COVID-19 has given us the most expensive commodity for free – LOT OF TIME and with that we get the liberty to INTROSPECT. I advise the introspection on the below mentioned lines
>  What is the current culture of my organization? 
– This should not depend on the number of employees you have. There are a lot of simple tests available on the internet that can give you this answer or if you really want to know; get a customized one. This drives you to where would you want to go and how to strategize.
>  Do I have a Competent Workforce? 
– Identifying organizational competencies which remain common for all and then mapping them to Departments, Individuals can really make Cultural change relevant and sustainable.
>  Does my Organization have dead roots? 
– We often take loyalty or tenure in an MSME as a very crucial deciding factor. There are a lot of decision makers who are in the organization only because they have been in the organization for a long time. Trust me; we deal with a lot of incompetent people because of our lack of identifying data for replacement. Whatever happens is driven by perceptions.
>  Do I have Human Resource and Talent Management practices in place? 
– NO WE DON’T! And I have been really trying to convince how essential it is for one’s success. A culture of development is the biggest tool of retention.
We deal with employees who come with a very average or below average family backgrounds. If we can create a culture of development; the families will ensure that their members do not leave the organization because more than anyone; they understand the importance of it.
Here are some very valid concerns and new ideas that leading organizations are experimenting with– (Source-Online Case Study)
The employees always get the first place; ALWAYS! We really need to open our eyes and see where we are headed to and if we have done something wrong; do we adapt or overcome. Success will never come with idealistic thoughts; sometimes even Gods sound incorrect. 

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MSMEs really need to start thinking of how they can change the culture of their organization and ensure that the new strategies which they plan will be implemented and sustained; productively. 
The 3rd Quadrant of Re-Instate will throw a lot of light on how the IMMORTALITY of a simple strategy to change organizational culture can make the difference.

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