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Apologies for the delay readers, but COVID has not been very kind to my industry. First of all, we are training and development consultants and I don’t have to tell how training budgets go on hold or cancelled in a jiffy. It’s an investment they say! What an irony right? I want to invest in developing my people but as per my convenience.
The SUCCESS quadrant I created has helped me channelize my thoughts every day of the lock down. I hope you all have tried to implement it as well. We talk about the most important quadrant today and I really want to throw light on why ‘RELEASE’ or ‘RE-lease’ will sum it up.
Let us look at some recent statistics on the economic effect of COVID- (Source – KPMG Case Study)

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As a person who likes to be updated on the current and latest activities; I have had sleepless nights thinking about an uncertain future and the present as well. Concern and tears have rolled on the amount of business the MSME has lost and will lose. Just when I was thinking how to write this last piece; BAMMM and the I saw the below statistics – (Source – McKinsey report)

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Come what may; it boils down to the only element of Success – SELF Leadership. Skalent as an organization has been continuously preaching of the importance of Self Leadership across levels. We have been party to a substantial amount of silence when the blame game starts in training and when we say – ‘We understand what you might be going through BUT; have you played your part?’ Employees, Leaders, Owners alike; perfection is something we think we are born with. 
Even the Almighty has realised his or her own true power only with time and not only the realization; people have built the capabilities over time and with an outcome in mind.
Take any GOD; the story remains the same – 
1.Purpose of Birth
2.Helping the Masses
3.End of Evil 
4.And Moksha (I prefer to call it Jhan-jhat Khatam)
I am sure even God said that I cannot live in this ever-changing Human Life. Every situation or person in our organization comes with the above 4 tick marks rather they should become organizational competencies for all. What Gurukuls taught is becoming very relevant now. Work without knowing the outcome. Do we know where are we headed? What is going to happen next day? Will COVID end or boom? We really do not know what is going to happen and neither does it stop us. People have started to learn how to co-exist. LIFE HAS TO COME BACK TO NORMALCY. 
The last quadrant revolves around two crucial elements of implementation – 
1. Re-view – Any actionable in the organization should be able to be monitored and questioned at the right time.
2. Decide – Decision making abilities need to be supportive and quick. (What I mean here is that the leader should be provided enough and relevant data to make a decision which he/she will not look back and regret. It has to be a skilled effort) 
I agree that not everyone will have a budget to splurge on development right now. What we really need to understand is that it is not only any investment now; only a skilled and developed mind can help you sail through this crisis. The Brain has to be organizational in nature with automated catalysts. You have to choose between two simple choices – GROWTH or SHUT-DOWN.

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The GREAT LOCKDOWN as it has been called is coming to an end and I am not talking about the vaccination but about our readiness to co-exist and fight for survival. 
MSME is going to be the backbone of the Indian Economy now. The emotional elements will play bigger and crucial roles in the decision making of the buyer. We will have to concentrate on how do we develop a well-oiled mechanism which is very specific to the functioning of the organization. And yes; please implement only if you can sustain or have the capabilities to do so. Please do not play the blame game of why a certain activity failed; think what made it fail. Simple introspection will help you do it. 
I thank all my readers for reading through what I wanted to say and I believe that this will help. Please feel free to contact me if you find the need to fit in the SUCCESS QUADRANT on [email protected]

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Satchit Jamgaonkar
Founder & Director
Skalent Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd.
Satchit Jamgaonkar is one of India’s leading Facilitator, Business and Life Coach decorated with an award from Silicon India, acknowledged for being amongst India’s top 10 most promising Learning and Development Consultants.
His proven track record and portfolio supports his diversified experience in various industries and capabilities for more than 20 years. With a Mission of ‘Delivering Legacies with a futuristic approach’; his custom solutions and deliveries have created a healthy and beneficial learning environment with complete focus on Implementation and Sustenance of the learning imparted. He has helped a lot of MSMEs grow across domains and industries and guides prestigious Corporate professionals, Senior Leaders, Managers and Individuals with diverse roles, hierarchies and backgrounds.
He presently lives in Pune and is engaged for deliveries PAN India.